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Self Directed LLC Investment Outlooks for Retirement

The importance of a successful IRA is to ensure a financially stable retirement. Learn how to take advantage of the tax benefits, read about the facts and statistics for investments and annual contributions.

A blend of stocks and bonds based on mutual funds, estimated monthly yields are higher using a self directed IRA in comparison to conservative bank savings. The yields get higher when you are an active participant in your own investment selections such as a Solo 401K loan. Contribution limits at age 50 or older are over $50,000, with tax free borrowing and no penalties prior to retirement age.

A self directed Roth IRA adds tax free benefits to the owner of the account, permitting the profits to be passed through the LLC. This is not to be confused with a regular business LLC. This is a self directed IRA with regulations enforced by the IRA codes and requirements. As a legal entity, it is owned by the self directed IRA and the LLC entity is responsible for all incurred debts, releasing the owner of the account from liability.

The LLC provides a wider opportunity of investments, which include real estate, real estate options, mortgages and deeds of trust. Business loans may also be a consideration for foreign investments, joint ventures or IPO offerings. In some cases both small and large businesses need bridge or start up financing.

The LLC is taxed as a partnership, making the owner responsible for paying taxes as the earner of the money not the LLC. The funds can remain in the LLC and be used as a self directed IRA real estate purchasing tool adding to the assets of the LLC.

Asset Protection

Under the self directed Roth IRA ownership, the LLC assets are protected by all of the IRA laws and by LLC laws. Funds in the self directed Roth IRA bank account, stocks and self directed IRA real estate investments are titled in the name of the LLC.


In the event of death, passing the IRA funds through the least taxable method requires your intentions in writing. If no beneficiary or plans have been provided, the assets could revert to an estate form where they will be subject to probate. Probate can have a long duration and be costly. Without a will or legal document the government will distribute the assets to the heirs according to the state’s succession laws.

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