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Solo 401(k) Plan & Self-Directed IRA Cash Investors Helping to Spur U.S. Real Estate Market

With the limited opportunity to finance real estate real estate, self-directed IRA and Solo 401(k) Plan investors taking advantage of attractive real estate opportunities

IRA Financial Group, the leading facilitator of self-directed IRA LLC & Solo 401(k) plan solutions, announces the finding of its internal report that found that the ability to use retirement funds in cash real estate transactions has help spur the recent growth in the U.S. real estate market. “By using cash in their retirement funds and not requiring a mortgage or other financing, our clients have has great success in finding and closing on real estate transactions across the United States,“ stated Susan Glass, a tax professional with the IRA Financial Group. “The Self-Directed IRA real estate and Solo 401(k) Plans have helped our retirement clients move quick on a potential investment,” stated Ms. Glass.

The primary advantage of using a Self Directed IRA LLC or Solo 401(k) Plan to make investments is that investments can be made by simply writing a check. In addition, all income and gains associated with the IRA investment grow tax-deferred.

With IRA Financial Group’s self directed IRA LLC & Solo 401(k) Plan solutions, traditional IRA or Roth IRA funds can be used to buy real estate throughout the United States and globally in a tax-deferred account by simply writing a check. “Even with real estate prices increasing, our clients are still finding attractive real estate opportunities for the self-directed IRA LLC and gaining the opportunity to move quickly on a potential investment, “ stated Adam Bergman, an in-house tax attorney with the IRA Financial Group. “Using a Self Directed IRA LLC or Solo 401(k) Plan to buy real estate presents a number of exciting tax planning opportunities,“ stated Mr. Bergman.

According to Mr. Bergman, “ IRA Financial Group’s Self-Directed IRA and Solo 401(k) Plan for real estate investors, also called a real estate IRA with checkbook control or a Self-Directed real estate 401(k) Plan, is an IRS approved structure that allows one to use their retirement funds to make real estate and other investments tax-free and without custodian consent. The Self-Directed IRA LLC involves the establishment of a limited liability company (“LLC”) that is owned by the IRA (care of the Roth IRA custodian) and managed by the IRA holder or any third-party, whereby, the Solo 401(k) plan involves the establishment of a trust and managed by the plan participant, as trustee.” As a result, the Self-Directed IRA and Solo 401(k) Plan provides the retirement account holder with greater control over his or her retirement assets allowing the individual to make traditional as well as non-traditional investments, such as real estate tax-deferred and with much lower annual fees. “By using a “checkbook control” self-directed IRA LLC or Solo 401(k) Plan our clients have been able to compete and win bidding wars for real estate investments,” stated Mr. Bergman.

IRA Financial Group is the market’s leading “checkbook control Self Directed IRA and Solo 401(k) Plan provider. IRA Financial Group has helped thousands of clients take back control over their retirement funds while gaining the ability to invest in almost any type of investment, including real estate without custodian consent.

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