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Solo 401k Services

The IRA Financial Group will take care of the entire set-up of your IRS compliant Solo 401k Plan. The whole process can be handled by phone, email, fax, or mail and typically takes between 5-14 days to complete, the timing largely depending on the state of formation and the custodian holding your retirement funds. Our Solo 401k experts and tax and ERISA attorneys are on site greatly reducing the set-up time and cost. Most importantly, each client of the IRA Financial Group is assigned a tax attorney to help customize the Solo 401k Plan based on the financial and retirement goals of the participant. You will find that our fee for this service is significantly less than other companies that perform the same or similar services.

Our Solo 401(k) establishment service includes:

  • Free tax consultation with our in-house tax attorneys
  • Adoption Agreement
  • Basic Plan Document
  • EGTRRA Amendment
  • IRS Determination Letter
  • Summary Plan Description
  • Trust Agreement
  • Appointment of Trustee
  • Beneficiary Designation
  • Loan Procedure
  • Loan Promissory Note
  • Free legal updates
  • Free legal and tax support
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

For additional information on the tax advantages of using a Solo 401k Plan, please contact one of our 401k Experts at 800-472-0646.

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