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Tag: self directed ira advantages

New opportunities for the savvy investor involving IRA contributions 2011

With the wealth of investment information available with just a few keystrokes and a quick google search people are becoming more and more likely to want to have more control over their retirement investments. Just stashing away money in the bank or allowing someone else to manage their 401K is a thing of the past. Many people are turning to a self directed IRA as a means to have more control over how their retirement funds are invested. A self directed Roth IRA affords the holder checkbook control over their retirement funds. This means they can make and investment in just about anything they would like.

Self-Directed IRA LLC

The newest form of retirement plans is the Solo 401k for self-employed individuals. The plan uses the same retirement method as an employer’s program with benefits for business owners who are self-employed. The purpose of the Solo 401k plan is to allow business owners the opportunity to maximize their retirement contributions and tax deductions and provide a lending vehicle from their own Solo 401k accounts.

Why a Self-Directed IRA?

No one really cares about your money like you do. This is a fact of life, and it should be kept in the forefront of any plans you make for your financial future. Even the best individual retirement account managers just can’t feel what you feel about your future because he or she is trying so hard to secure his or her own. That is why a self-directed IRA is the best choice for your retirement money.

The Importance of Self Directed IRA and its Various Types

Even people who have stable financial sources now worry about their future and security after retirement. This is where a self directed IRA or solo 401k may be a beneficial option. There are not many differences between the options of self directed IRA and solo 401k, only that the last involves a plan with the employee’s company.
The two are similar when it comes to taxes and withdrawal age, but most people choose self-directed IRA simply because of the flexibility offered with various plan types. In addition to the freedom to choose according to preference, an IRA will offer more security as it is not connected to one’s employment like the solo 401k.