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Tag: solo 401k advantages

The Best 401K Plan

Gone are the days of the traditional 401K plans; today there is a better way to invest with your own 401K plan that is tax-free. That’s right, you can use your self-directed IRA funds to invest in nearly anything you wish, and it’s not only tax-free but also IRS-approved.

Eliminating the Middle Man with a Solo 401K

Solo 401K plans have been designed for the self-employed business person and their spouse who have no full-time employees. Contributions to the plan are tax deductible like other self-directed IRA accounts, and the funds are considered to be assets that are intended to grow without being taxed directly as income or capital gains until you withdraw the funds from the account.

The Growing Trend

There seems to be a growing trend among smart Individual Retirement Account owners and 401k plan holders who are willing to be in the forefront of their finances by investing their retirement funds in their Self-Directed IRA. These accounts require the owners to make investment decisions as well as investments on behalf of their retirement plan.
Self Directed IRA LLC with a checkbook control or checkbook IRA allows the owner to make other investment selections regarding all their future investments. When using a self-directed IRA LLC with a checkbook control in your financial planning, you will have control of your retirement funds. You will be the one to make the decision on how your retirement funds and pension plan funds are to be invested. What this means is that you are in full control of your financial future. Since you are the signer on the checks, there’s no need to get the custodian involved or even ask for permission.