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The New Stretch Self-Directed Roth IRA LLC

IRA Financial Group, the leading provider of self directed Roth IRA LLC structures announces the introduction of its stretch self directed Roth IRA. Unlike the original Roth IRA owner, a non-spousal beneficiary of a Roth IRA is required to take minimum distributions over his or her life expectancy. Note – a spousal beneficiary of a Roth IRA is not required to take a Roth IRA distribution. With IRA Financial Group Self-Directed Stretch Roth IRA LLC, a beneficiary of a Roth IRA can stretch out the tax free benefits of a Roth IRA. “The Self-Directed IRA Stretch Roth IRA LLC offers significant tax, investment, and estate planning benefits for the Roth IRA holder and his or her beneficiaries, “ stated Adam Bergman, a tax attorney with the IRA Financial Group.

In the case of a non-spousal Roth IRA beneficiary, when the beneficiary is relatively young, there is the potential for the distributions to be less than the annual earnings of the Roth IRA, so the Roth IRA grows while the distributions are being taken. Of course, the beneficiary can take more than the minimum, even the entire Roth IRA, at any time tax-free. In other words, using a Self-directed Stretch Roth IRA will allow an individual to transfer tax-free assets to children or other beneficiaries and allow those individuals to benefit from tax-free income while the Roth IRA contributes to grow tax-free.

In addition to the significant tax benefits in using a self-directed Roth IRA LLC to make investments, the Roth IRA also offers a number of very exciting estate planning opportunities.

In general, a self-directed Roth IRA is an after-tax account that allows the Roth IRA holder to benefit from tax-free investment growth so long as a Roth IRA distribution is not taken prior to a five year holding period and the Roth IRA holder is not under the age of 59/1/2 ( a “qualified distribution”). In addition, a Roth IRA holder would not be subject to the required minimum distribution rules (“RMD”).

With IRA Financial Group’s Self-Directed Stretch Roth IRA LLC, the Roth IRA and his or her family could receive tax-free use of your Roth IRA funds over a long period of time. Converting a pre-tax IRA to a Roth IRA could be used as a very valuable estate-planning tool for estate owner’s that would be subject to the estate tax (For 2013 – estates over $5,250,000) as the Roth conversion funds would be paid out of funds subject to estate tax.

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