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Why Open a Solo 401(k) Plan with IRA Financial Group vs. Fidelity?

Everyone has heard of Fidelity and many use it for their retirement planning.  But did you know you’re better off with IRA Financial Group’s Solo 401(k) Plan with Checkbook Control?  The most important difference is the ability to invest in what you want.  With Fidelity, you’re stuck with the basic investments like stocks, bonds and mutual funds.  With our Solo 401(k) plan, you can invest in just about anything you can think of like real estate, precious metals and even a new business.  The added feature of checkbook control lets you write checks when you need the money without custodial consent.  Want a Roth Option?  Look no further!  You can fund your Solo 401(k) with after-tax money netting you tax free withdrawals in retirement.  Won’t find that with the other guys.  Lastly, you can borrow from your Solo 401(k) at anytime and for any reason.  Good luck with that somewhere else.  This allows you to use money to invest in anything you want.  Read on for more reasons to choose the IRA Financial Group.

Excellence: Our in-house retirement tax professionals have worked at some of the largest law firms in the United States, including White & Case LLP and Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP. Their tax and ERISA experience is unmatched in the industry and is the reason we are considered the leading facilitator of true “Checkbook Control” Solo 401K Plan structures.

Work directly with our in-house retirement tax professionals to set-up an IRS compliant Solo 401K Plan. Our clients have direct access to our in-house retirement tax professionals to ensure that the Solo 401K Plan is customized to satisfy the client’s retirement and investment objectives. In fact, we encourage our clients to contact our in-house retirement tax professionals with any tax and ERISA questions concerning the structure or a proposed investment to ensure full IRS compliance.

Our Solo 401K experts will take care of the entire set-up of your IRS compliant Solo 401k Plan. Our Solo 401k Plan experts and tax and ERISA professionals are on site greatly reducing the set-up time and cost. You will find that our fee for this service is significantly less than other companies that perform the same or similar services.

Leader: IRA Financial Group is the markets leading provider of Solo 401(k) Plans. We have helped thousands of clients take back control over their retirement funds while gaining the ability to invest in almost any type of investments.

Value: We strive to offer our clients customized Solo 401(k) Plans at a fair and reasonable price. Whereas our competitors are forced to outsource much or all of their tax work and consultation, each client of the IRA Financial Group is assigned to one of our in-house retirement tax professionals allowing us to offer customized Solo 401(k) Plans for significantly less than our competitors.

We provide the following all for one low price:

  • Free tax consultation with our in-house tax and ERISA professionals
  • Adoption Agreement
  • Basic Plan Document
  • EGTRRA Amendment
  • Summary Plan Description
  • Trust Agreement
  • Appointment of Trustee
  • Beneficiary Designation
  • Loan Procedure
  • Loan Promissory Note
  • Free tax updates
  • Free tax and ERISA support
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Integrity: We are guided by the rules of ethical conduct in all that we do. Our relationships with clients are built on trust, respect, and confidentiality.

Innovate: We anticipate the changing tax and financial needs of our clients and creatively adapt our Solo 401(k) Plan tax solutions to address them.

Results: We are committed to our clients’ satisfaction and strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

IRA Financial Group will take care of everything. The whole process can be handled by phone, email, fax, or mail. Our expert tax and ERISA professionals are on site greatly reducing the set-up time and cost. Most importantly, you will find that our fee for this service is significantly less than other companies that perform the same or similar services.  For more information, please contact one of our Solo 401(k) experts @ 800.472.0646 now!

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