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Why Choose a Bitcoin IRA?

A Bitcoin IRA, or Self-Directed Retirement Account, is a personal financial plan which allows investors to use IRA funds to invest in the crypto-asset market. Many Boomers desire a private pension plan that provides a holistic approach in the event of a crisis, and the Bitcoin IRA offers an accessible solution.

  • IRS approves Bitcoin as a form of currency.
  • Bitcoin user adoption is on the rise and growing steadily.
  • Just like Gold, Bitcoin’s value does not correlate with the dollar and tends to move opposite to stocks & bonds.
  • The supply is limited. Only 21 million Bitcoin can ever be mined.

The IRA Financial Difference

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12,000+ clients

Our tax and ERISA experts have helped over 12,000 clients invest $4 billion in alternative assets.

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7 books

IRA Financial Group’s founder, Adam Bergman, is the author of seven books on Self-Directed IRA retirement plans.

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Adam Bergman is a frequent contributor to and is an official member of the Forbes Financial Council.

Experience You Need

IRA Financial Group has over a decade of experience helping investors self-direct their retirement accounts in all 50 states.

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Our team will work one-on-one with you to establish a Bitcoin IRA that fits your goals and provide consulting services.

Why Choose IRA Financial Group For
Your Bitcoin Self-Directed IRA

No Commisions

No Commissions

Gains on your Bitcoin IRA investments are tax-deferred; in the case of a Bitcoin Roth IRA, gains are tax-free.

No Commissions

No Broker Fees

No broker fees or requirement exist to go through a self-directed IRA custodian to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.


Buy, sell, exchange, and sell bitcoin or any cryptocurrency of your choice through an exchange anytime you want.

Control Your Own Wallet & Private Key

Gain complete control over your crypto wallet and be the sole person in control of the wallet’s private key.

Experience Tax Advantages

Choose the Bitcoin IRA with checkbook control structure and establish an LLC – all income/gains flow back to the IRA tax-free.

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Work With Experts

We have helped over 1,000 retirement account investors in just the last year invest in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

What You Need to Know Before
Purchasing Cryptocurrencies

Do Your ResearchDo Your Research

Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new asset class that is quite volatile. There are thousands of crypto coins available for purchase. Hence, it is important to do you research and understand the technology behind each coin or token you purchase. There are plenty of free reliable sites that will provide background information, pricing, market cap, etc. on most of the popular cryptos.

Selecting a Cryptocurrency ExchangeSelecting a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Once you have decided on the types of cryptocurrency you wish to purchase, the next part is deciding what exchange you will use in order to convert your U.S retirement dollars (fiat) into cryptocurrencies. There are a number of popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States.

Wallet Options

For many beginner cryptocurrency investors, understanding how the cryptocurrency wallet works can be quite confusing. It is imperative that one understands how a cryptocurrency wallet works if considering investing in cryptocurrencies.

No Self-DealingNo Self-Dealing

When it comes to using retirement funds to invest in cryptocurrencies, one must be cautious of the IRS prohibited transaction rules outlined in Internal Revenue Code Section 4975(c). In general, with respect to cryptocurrency investments, one cannot buy, sell, or exchange cryptocurrencies with any disqualified person.

Mining Cryptos and Hidden TaxesMining Cryptos and Hidden Taxes

In general, all gains associated with the sale or exchange of cryptocurrencies will be tax-exempt if done through a retirement account. However, if you will be using your retirement funds to invest in a passthrough entity, such as an LLC, that does mining activities, any income generated over $1000 could be subject to a tax called unrelated business taxable income (UBTI or UBIT). Under the IRS tax rules, any income generated by a retirement account from a business operated through a passthrough entity could be subject to the UBTI tax rules.

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“What about your IRA, including rollover IRA? You need to look at state law, advises tax attorney Adam Bergman of New York’s IRA Financial Group.”

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“Adam Bergman…gets several calls a day from clients like McDermott looking to invest their retirement funds in real estate. ‘Our average client has retirement accounts of about $150,000 and is looking to buy one or two properties.'”

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“Jeff Brown…transferred roughly $50,000 from his workplace 401(k) to purchase homes to fix up and sell…He uses a self-directed IRA that he set up through IRA Financial Group in Miami Beach.”


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