Self-directing has never been easier

The smart way to invest your IRA or 401(k) in alternative assets.

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Self-Directed IRA
With a custodian-controlled IRA, you tell us the investments you want to make, and we’ll do all the work. Invest in traditional and alternative assets, like real estate.


One low annual flat fee
No wire or check fees
No asset value fees
No transaction fees
No minimum balance
Lifetime Audit Support
Self-Directed IRA LLC

By utilizing the IRA LLC structure, you have total “checkbook control” to make investments when you want, without custodial consent.


Gain Checkbook Control
One low annual flat fee
No wire or check fees
No asset value fees
No minimum balance
Lifetime Audit Support
Solo 401(k)
Best retirement plan if you are self-employed. Enjoy high annual contributions, Roth and loan features, and unlimited investment opportunities.


Best for self-employed
One low annual flat fee
No asset value fees
Get Checkbook Control
No minimum balance
Lifetime Audit Support
Rollover as Business Startup
An IRS-approved structure that allows you to use retirement funds to start your own business or raise capital for an existing business.


Use existing retirement funds
Start a new business
Fund an existing business
Earn a salary
IRS compliant

Getting started is easy

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1. Create your account

On the IRA Financial APP and select your plan type

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2. Fund your account

Via direct contribution or transfer/rollover of funds from an existing account

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3. Start investing

In IRS-approved alternative asset investments

Why IRA Financial?



Our tax and ERISA experts have helped over 24,000 clients invest $3.2 billion in alternative assets.

Individual Dedicated Support

IRA Financial gives clients access to experienced specialists dedicated to your peace of mind.

We Literally Wrote the Book

IRA Financial founder, Adam Bergman, has written eight books on self-directed retirement plans.

Flat Fees

With no hidden fees, IRA Financial is proud to offer award-winning service with the best pricing structure available.

Get our App today

Download our industry-leading app to get started.

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Endless investments opportunities.

Real Estate

Whether it’s residential or commercial, rental properties or raw land, real estate is the #1 alternative investment among retirement investors.

Precious Metals

Metals and coins have long been used as a hedge against a volatile economy – just make sure they are IRS-approved precious metals and not held personally.

Private Placements

Investment opportunities offered to a select group of high net worth or institutional investors that have reduced risk and assured returns.
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Tax Liens/Deeds

Tax liens and deeds allow for exposure to the real estate market in your portfolio without having to invest in the properties themselves

Investment Funds

Hedge funds and private equity fund investments are generally for more sophisticated, accredited investors.

With a self-directed retirement plan, you can invest in anything not prohibited by the IRS.


Cryptos, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, offer one the ability to invest in an emerging asset class.

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