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Endless investment opportunities

Learn more about what you can invest in with a self-directed retirement plan.


This is tax-free investing

With a self-directed solution, you can invest in almost anything and the income generated from those investments is tax free. Our in-house tax and ERISA professionals will guide you through establishing a self-directed retirement account and ensure it always remains compliant.

Never step a foot in a bank

Our relationship with Capital One ensures we can open your account with no wiring fees or minimum balance requirement. No need to sign paperwork or go to a bank—we take care of everything.

We work with the best!

IRA Financial has partnered with some of the best companies in the country to offer investment opportunities for our clients who wish to invest in alternative investments, including real estate, cryptos, and so much more!

How IRA Financial Works

IRA Financial is simplifying how you invest your retirement funds in alternative assets. Open an account on our app and start investing for a simple, flat fee.
How Self Directed IRAs work