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Why Direct Register Your GME Stock?

At its core, the main reason why one would want to direct register their GME or other stock they own is to prevent an ongoing market manipulation and price suppression of that stock.  This is what was believed to have occurred with GME stock.  Whether it was through naked short selling or other means, the ability of short sellers to acquire GME shares to cover their short positions was highly controversial, to say the least.  It was reported that GME investors called their brokers in droves requesting that their shares be barred from being lent out. Nevertheless, brokers continued offering GME stock for lending purposes.

The direct registration process allows any company that issues stock to use a third-party company to maintain a stockholder record of exactly which investors own each single share that exists. It can be compared to a digital stock certification. GameStop uses Computershare as their third-party company or “transfer agent.”

For GME and other company shares, the idea is that if more shares became direct registered, fewer shares would be available to short sellers. If short selling increases artificial share supply into the marketplace, direct registration of shares reduces real supply available for shorting.

How to Direct Register GME Stock in Your Self-Directed IRA

Of course, one can own stock, such as GME, personally or in a retirement account, such as an IRA.  The advantage of owning stock in an IRA is that all gains will go back to the IRA without tax.

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