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Benefits of Real Estate Investing

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Tax Advantages

All investments made inside your Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401(k) plan grow without tax. Qualified distributions from a Roth account are TAX FREE.

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Cash Flow/Appreciation

Generate a steady income with rental properties, score big with a renovation/flip, or hold until it's the right time to sell.

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Estate Planning

By investing in real estate with your IRA or 401(k) plan, you can choose to pass on your properties to your beneficiaries, who will receive the tax benefits of the investments.

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In order to properly diversify your portfolio, you need to spread your investments across multiple asset classes. Real estate is arguably the best investment for retirement savings.

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Gain control and flexibility over your retirement funds and have the ability to invest in the types of properties you want, when you want.

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Protection Against the Markets

Real estate investments usually have a low correlation to the stock markets meaning you can mitigate risk and help balance your portfolio.

Types of Investments You Can Make

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Long-Term Rentals
Airbnb/Vacation Houses
Fix & Flips
Raw Land
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Office Space
Mixed Use
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Other Investments

Real Estate Funds

Retirement Plan Options

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Self-Directed IRA

We Do Everything

With a custodian-controlled SDIRA, you tell us the investments you want to make, and we’ll do all the work.

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Self-Directed IRA LLC

Complete Control

Enjoy “checkbook control” to make real estate investments when you want, without custodial consent.

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Solo 401(k)

For Self-Employed

Best retirement plan for the self-employed, especially for real estate investors.

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