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Self-directing has never been easier

  • Invest tax free in alternative assets.
  • We open your self-directed bank account, handle all IRS reporting, and offer annual IRS compliance services.
  • Better diversify your retirement investments.
  • No account value fees or minimum balance (with credit card on file).
What is the best IRA account
Why IRA FInancial

Do everything on our app

1. Open an account

Sign up in minutes with our app and open a Self-Directed IRA account or call us at 800-472-0646.

2. Roll over funds

You can perform a tax-free direct rollover or indirect rollover  to a passive custodian like IRA Financial Trust.

3. Invest

Invest in alternative assets like real estate, as well as traditional assets like stocks.


23,000+ Clients

Our tax and ERISA experts have helped over 23,000 clients invest $4.6 billion in alternative assets.

IRA Financial

8 Books

Our founder, Adam Bergman, is the author of eight books on self-directed retirement plans.

IRA Financial

Dedicated Support

Our team of specialists will work with you to help you establish the right self-directed retirement account.

Our fees

Our fees are simple and transparent.

What you can invest in

With a self-directed account, you can make almost any type of investment and generate tax-free gains.

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Download our info kits to learn more about self-directed retirement

Robust, easy to read, and updated for 2022. This guide is your one-stop shop for all the most important questions about self-directed retirement.