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IRA Financial App

IRA Financial, leading provider of self-directed retirement products, announces the launch of its new app for desktop as well as iOS and Android phones. This addition to our technology suite is part of our initiative to provide clients with the best user experience for both initial establishment and on-going maintenance of self-directed retirement accounts.

First of its kind

Being the first in the self-directed retirement industry, this app will transform how new self-directed retirement accounts are established, reduce set-up and execution times, and provide clients with the most secure online application experience available.


Always know what you’ll pay

Self-Directed IRA

Custodian Controlled

Establishment Fee | $0

Annual Fee | $360


Checkbook Controlled

Establishment Fee | from $999

Annual Fee | $180

Self-Directed Solo 401(k)

Custodian Controlled

Establishment Fee | $0

Annual Fee | $360


Checkbook Controlled

Establishment Fee | $999

Annual Fee | $199


Using our app is easy & secure

Quick Account Set-Up icon

Quick Account Set-Up

Quickly access your retirement funds with the industry’s fully digital signature IRA set-up.

Secure Platform icon

Secure Platform

Your personal information is transmitted on secure servers and encrypted for your protection.

Intelligent & Intuitive Interface icon

Intelligent & Intuitive Interface

The IRA Financial app offers an easy experience by tailoring the process to your individual situation.

Account Maintenance Options icon

Account Maintenance Options

Sign up electronically and complete common account transactions with Docusign.

Start directing your retirement today

And for the best mobile experience, download our phone app!

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