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Leading The Way

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With the recent shift to distance learning and online working, it’s become more important than ever to make sure you’re holding up your end of the bargain and leading the way by example.

Key Points
  • Know your worth
  • Be proud of your accomplishments
  • Lift everyone in your organization

Know Your Value

What you bring to your organization is more than just your work ethic, although that’s a big part of it. But companies can, and do, look for more than just the quantity of output – at least good companies do. The best companies want to know your value as an individual to be best able to promote your talents within their organization, so they can make more money.

So how do you talk about the value you bring? It can be difficult, especially in a society where many, especially women, are not encouraged to do what can be considered as bragging. First, it’s important to know what the expected role you play in the company is. Are you expected to be a data entry expert? Sales genius? Corporate lawyer? Whatever your role is has specific, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly routines.

Become an expert at your expected work routines, and then you can build beyond your core competencies. Then what else can you bring to your company? Get some keys from your organization’s culture and mission statements.

Take Genuine Pride By Leading the Way

Knowing your worth and taking genuine pride in your accomplishments is so important. Without fail, you must be your own greatest champion. This can be difficult to do without “sounding your own horn” and “coming across like you’re not a team player.”

But the argument must be made that without making your accomplishments known, you run the very real risk of having what you’ve done being disregarded, especially if this has been your experience previously in your company.

Continuing to build your skillset will help you realize how much you’ve already done, and how far you’ve come. And as your skills build, you will feel better about stating what you’ve accomplished and where you are.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Promoting yourself and your abilities at work may sound like something you only do for you. But there’s a bigger impact when you let yourself share what you’ve done. You encourage others to do the same. Bragging isn’t necessarily needed, either, if you want to brag through your work with others. Compliment others on what they’ve done, and you can encourage them to do the same for you. Leading the way starts with you and your behavior towards others.

Make sure your boss is open to communication with you. Especially while working from home and learning new skills, make it a part of your job to make sure your boss knows what a good job you do. Going “above and beyond” can be the expected norm these days, with all hands on deck at all times. But keep your work life separate from your private life as much as you can, and enhance your reputation at the office by excelling there.

Building Your Skills

Taking your career in hand is your own responsibility. Even while working from home you can make the best of your time by completing your tasks, and then taking advantage of your company’s learning library, mentorship programs, and brag boards. And if these programs are not available in your organization, you can see about starting them up. Almost every business has some sort of quarterly or annual review process. Tracking your growth for yourself can help make filling in the reviews go more smoothly, as well as make certain your boss knows what an asset you are.

Leading the Way at Work

It’s always incumbent upon an individual to be their own best friend, champion and supporter. It’s the same way as when you make it your business to work on your retirement savings, even if the company you work for offers a 401(k). You still started a Self-Directed IRA to help fund the future of your dreams. You didn’t know what to invest in, so you learned about cryptocurrency, real estate investing, and more. You can learn new things, and champion them when they help make the world – or the company – better.

So as you work for a company, and help them build their culture, don’t forget – you’re working for yourself as well. And it’s up to you to share what you know and what you learn. Leading the way is not always easy, but it may be the right thing for you to do for your career.

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