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Self-Directed IRA Annual Compliance Service

Self-Directed IRA Annual Compliance Service
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IRA Financial is one of the fastest growing providers of Self-Directed IRA plans. This is thanks to our over 17,000 clients. Our clients have the opportunity to enroll in our Self-Directed IRA Annual Compliance Service. By utilizing this service, you never have to worry about your IRA being compliant with the IRS rules. IRA Financial will guarantee that your Self-Directed IRA will remain in good standing with the IRS. We ensure that all documents are taken care of and all investments you make are within the rules. That leaves you free to concentrate on your investment choices.

Why You Need It

Pursuant to Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 408, an IRA must be set up at a bank, financial institution, or authorized trust company. However, if you want to invest in alternative assets, such as real estate, you need a special custodian, such as IRA Financial Trust. By utilizing the checkbook control structure, you act as the trustee with you IRA. This allows you the freedom to invest in almost anything you want. Another option is the custodian controlled IRA. However, this limits your options, as you need consent before you can make most investments. True investing freedom can only occur with checkbook control.

Using a Self-Directed IRA LLC with “checkbook control” to make investments involves many important tax rules and guidelines that must be adhered to, on an annual basis, in order for the Self-Directed IRA structure to be respected by the IRS and not run afoul of any federal income or state tax rules.

The last thing we want is for our clients to lose the tax advantages of the IRA because of an error. Here’s where the Self-Directed IRA Annual Compliance Service comes in. Apart from the documents that need to be filed, we make sure you are following other important rules. These include the prohibited transaction rules, UBTI, RMDs, and contribution limits and restrictions.

Self-Directed IRA Annual Compliance Service – What Do You Get?

The above-mentioned rules can get quite complicated, even for the smartest of investors. Having a team of trained professionals looking out for you is usually best. That way it doesn’t fall all on you. Lawyers and CPAs can be very expensive, as you are well aware. With our compliance service, you get everything for one, low annual fee. Here is what is included with our Self-Directed IRA Annual Compliance Service:

  • Individualized Self-Directed IRA tax support with in-house tax attorneys and CPAs
  • Self-Directed IRA IRS Audit support
  • Serve as “Transaction Reviewer” as required as per the LLC Operating Agreement & IRA Custodian pursuant to the South Dakota Division of Banking rules
  • Receive Updated LLC Operating Agreement and revised LLC documents based on changes in the law
  • One-on-One tax support on the Disqualified Persons and Prohibited Transaction Rules
  • One-on-one tax consultation on UBTI and UDFI rules
  • Free access to our bestselling Self-Directed IRA books
  • Free access to our exclusive webinars, podcasts, newsletters, Forbes articles, etc.

Please note that this service is completely optional. We don’t bundle it into the plan, since not everyone will absolutely need it. Many investors are proficient with the IRS rules and all they entail. However, millions of people have no idea just how the IRS works! This service is made for you! If you are client that thinks deciphering ancient text is easier than reading the IRS rules, this service is meant for you! All you need to do is enroll.

Let IRA Financial Help You with Your Self-Directed IRA!

We are here to help you make sure your Self-Directed IRA remains IRS compliant. Failure to do so may lead to an audit, hefty penalties and even the disqualification of your plan. All your hard work saving for retirement may be lost from a simple error. In case you do get audited by the IRS, let us help you address any issues arising from it.

Further, we will help you navigate the most difficult situations regarding the prohibited transaction rules. You must keep in mind that all investments must benefit the IRA only and not you personally (or other disqualified persons). Also, we will keep you up to date on any new rules and laws, as we’ve seen due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll help you make the most of your IRS funds when you need them. Additionally, complicated new tax rules arise from time to time that can put a wrench in your plans. We will know about them first and ensure you are getting the most out of your plan.

Lastly, we can help maximize your Self-Directed IRA investment returns. We know the ins and out of how to take advantage of the tax codes so that you have the best chances to succeed. Of course, the investment decisions are yours, so you should work with a certified financial planner. Only you can decide what types of investments you would like to buy into. We can help come up with the most tax-efficient plan based on your wants and needs. Afterall, knowledge is power!

Get Started Now!

As a client of IRA Financial, all you need to to is sign up. Remember, this is not required by any client. Only sign up for the service if you need it. Again, we won’t hide this service when setting up your plan. All of our fees are upfront and additional services you can elect to enroll in, or not. Unlike other providers, we won’t push you into signing up for something you don’t want or may not need.

On the other hand, if you are not a client, why not? Have you considered a Self-Directed IRA but are not sure how it works, or even it it’s legal? Rest assured, the IRS allows anyone to invest the way they want. If you have questions, you can contact us at anytime at 800.472.0646.

We feel our Self-Directed IRA Annual Compliance Service is worth every penny. Peace of mind is huge when investing large sums of money, especially when you are unfamiliar with all the rules. In fact, we have tons of education material throughout our blog and on our YouTube channel. Educating the public is at the forefront of IRA Financial’s mission. We want everyone to know that self-directed your retirement is not only important, but easy too!

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