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Borrow From a 401(k) – CARES ACT

Borrow from a 401(k)

On March 27, 2020, the President signed the $2 trillion stimulus package called the CARES Act – the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.  The primary purpose of the Act is that boosts unemployment insurance payouts and aims to send relief checks to many Americans. The CARES Act included many important retirement related provisions that […]

Tapping Your 401(k) Plan During a Crisis

Tapping Your 401(k) plan

As the coronavirus pandemic threatens financial markets and sends the U.S. economy into a potential recession, many small businesses and entrepreneurs are finding themselves in a liquidity crunch. Cash is now become king.  Whether the cash is needed to pay employees, rent, mortgage payments, or even food, getting access to quick cash has become paramount.  […]

Millennial Wealth – How to Achieve It

Millennial Wealth

Key Points Everyone can save money Mindset matters Wealth comes in many forms When you look at the millennial generation, roughly ages 25-39, you don’t see as much home ownership as you do with previous generations. In the past, owning a home was considered the single crowning achievement for the American dream. But not anymore. […]

Hitting Your Financial Goals at Retirement – Episode 212

financial goals at retirement

IRA Financial’s Adam Bergman discusses how you can reach your financial goals at retirement and also demonstrates why it is important to start early, be consistent and trust the process. In his most recent podcast, Adam Bergman talks about how to reach you financial goals at retirement. Further, he discusses the alarming statistics concerning how […]

Four Things To Do for a Better You in 2020

better you in 2020

Key Points Being kind to others takes no effort at all The old adage is true – It’s better to give than receive Pay attention to your finances, especially retirement savings Better You in 2020 If you’re done with your presents, tree, menorah, and candles, thoughts turn to the closing of this year and the […]