A Simple Guide to 401(k) Accounts

A Simple Guide to 401(k) Accounts

A 401(k) or Solo 401(k) can help you save for retirement and plan your future wealth. Learn more about what this account is and how it works.

Power of Compound Interest

Self directed IRA LLC max contribution limits

In the following, we discuss compound interest and why it’s such a powerful tool for saving. It’s even stronger in a retirement account because there are generally no taxes due annually. The combination of compound interest and tax deferral makes the IRA and 401(k) the best way to save. Of course, you have to follow […]

6 Things You Should be Doing with the ROBS Structure

rollover for business startup

The Rollover for Business Startup (ROBS) Solution is an IRS and ERISA approved structure. With this structure, you can use your retirement funds to capitalize in a new business/franchise that you have personal involvement in. Because of an exception under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 4975(d), also known as qualifying employer securities, when you employ […]

Taking RMDs from Retirement Accounts

Taking RMDs

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to start getting your retirement accounts in order.  There are certain things you must do, depending on your age and the type of account(s) you have.  Today, we are going to look at required minimum distributions or RMD.  Taking RMDs must be done by anyone […]

The Traditional vs. Roth 401(k) Plan

The Traditional vs. Roth 401(k) Plan

When it comes to choosing between a traditional and Roth 401(k), you must decide whether you want to pay taxes now, or defer them until later.

ROBS 401(k) Plan Contribution Rules & Limits for 2023

401(k) Plan Contribution Rules

The Rollover Business Start-Up Solution (“ROBS”) is the only legal way one can use retirement funds to start or fund a business involving the retirement account holder or a lineal descendant. Whether you are starting a new business/franchise or buying an existing one, the ROBS solution will allow you to accomplish your business goals – […]