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Solo 401(k)

The best plan for the self-employed

Maximize tax deductions and invest in alternative assets tax free.

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Solo 401(k) Plan

The Solo 401(k)

As trustee of the Solo 401(k), you will have the authority to make investment decisions without the consent of a custodian. Read More

  • Maximize Contributions
    Make annual contributions up to $61,000 or $67,500 if age 50 or older in Roth, pretax, or after-tax.
  • Borrow Up to $50,000
    Borrow up to $50,000 or 50% of your account value (whichever is less) and use loan proceeds for any purpose.
  • Get Checkbook Control
    Serve as trustee of your plan and make alternative asset investments on your own with checkbook control.
  • Hassle-Free Administration
    Easy to operate and administer. There’s generally no annual filing requirement unless your account exceeds $250,000 in assets.
  • Real Estate Investor Bonus
    Leverage your 401(k) plan to invest in real estate and pay no UBTI tax.
  • No Transaction Fees
    Invest for one low flat fee, with no transaction fees, asset valuation fees, or minimum balance requirement.

Get up to $200 cash back when you open an account!

Get $200 back into your account when using retirement funds to establish a Self-Directed IRA LLC, Solo 401(k) or ROBS Solution. If you establish your new account with a credit card, instead, receive a $200 discount.

Receive $50 when establishing a Custodian Controlled Self-Directed IRA.

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1. Open an account

Sign up in minutes with our app and open a Self-Directed IRA account or call us at 800-472-0646.

2. Roll over funds

You can perform a tax-free direct rollover or indirect rollover  to a passive custodian like IRA Financial Trust.

3. Invest

Invest in alternative assets like real estate, precious metals, cryptocurrency, foreign currencies, as well as traditional assets like stocks.

Capital One Partnership

Never step foot in a bank

Our relationship with Capital One bank allows us to open your account with no wiring fees or minimum balance requirement. No need to sign paperwork or go to a bank—we take care of everything.

Solo 401(k) Info Kit

Download our info kit for more in-depth reading about the Solo 401(k)

Robust, easy to read, and updated for 2022. This guide is your one-stop shop for all the most important questions about the Solo 401(k).

    Our fees

    Our fees are simple and transparent.

    What you can invest in

    With a Solo 401(k), you can make almost any type of investment and generate tax-free gains.

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      Did You Know?

      The Solo 401(k) is the best retirement plan for independent contractors, sole proprietors, gig workers, and consultants. Learn more

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