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Cash v. Crypto – A Brief Look


  • Cash, like the US Dollar (USD), is issued by the government. Banks offer us accounts to store this cash, and make money on it through their investments with your cash.  
  • If you pay for things with your debit card or bank card, the digital network then transfers cash from your account to the seller’s account. Government oversees this network, along with banks who monitor and control it.   


  • Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), are issued by digital networks called blockchains, which are not controlled by the government. Blockchains offer us digital wallets to store our crypto, without needing a bank.  
  • When you use the blockchain-issued digital wallet, the blockchain transfers the cryptocurrency directly from your wallet to the seller’s wallet, without bank or government interference.

These days, many more places accept cash than cryptocurrency in person, but the trend is continuing to build in favor of digital wallet acceptance.


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