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2024 Self-Directed IRA Investment Predictions – Episode 424

Adam Talks

On this episode of Adam Talks, Adam Bergman, Esq. makes predictions for the upcoming year, specifically about the alternative investments he feels may have a big impact for Self-Directed IRA investors.

2024 Self-Directed IRA Investment Predictions

On this episode of Adam Talks, Adam Bergman, tax attorney and founder of IRA Financial, shares his predictions for Self-Directed IRA investments for 2024. He emphasizes that his insights are not investment advice but rather his personal views on the best investment options for the upcoming year. Bergman begins by discussing his first prediction that Bitcoin will experience a significant boom due to the potential introduction of a Bitcoin ETF, despite lingering fallout concerns from past crypto-related issues.

Moving on to his second prediction, Bergman highlights the growing opportunities in venture capital investments, noting that valuations for startups have become more reasonable, presenting potential for investors. He then delves into the potential for private equity investments, citing lower valuations compared to previous years and the likelihood of good opportunities in this area for 2024. Bergman also touches on the appeal of credit funds, particularly in the current market climate where companies may seek alternative sources of funding due to tighter lending conditions.

In his final investment prediction, Bergman discusses the prospects of hard money loans in real estate, pointing out the potential for strong returns as traditional lending sources may become more restrictive. Additionally, he mentions that using an IRA to invest in hard money loans can offer tax advantages compared to using personal funds. Bergman wraps up his predictions by expressing his belief that diversification and long-term investment strategies are key for building wealth and leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

Overall, Bergman’s predictions for 2024 focus on alternative asset classes such as Bitcoin, venture capital, private equity, credit funds, and hard money loans in real estate. He also briefly touches on broader economic trends, including his views on interest rates, equity markets, and inflation. Bergman stresses the importance of working with investment advisors and tax planners to create a diversified investment portfolio tailored to individual comfort levels and long-term financial goals. He encourages patience and a focus on investments that align with personal interests and beliefs for successful wealth-building over time.


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