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How is UDFI Calculated on the Sale of a Debt-Financed Asset?

debt-financed asset

When a debt-financed asset is sold, a special rule applies for the purpose of calculating the taxable gain. The property’s average adjusted basis is the average of the adjusted basis as of the first day during the year in which the property is held by the organization and on the day the property is sold or disposed of. The percentage of gain taxed is the percentage that the average adjusted basis on sale or other disposition of debt-financed property is of the highest amount of acquisition indebtedness with respect to the property during the twelve-month period ending with the date of the sale or other disposition. The regulations permit adjustments to basis that include decreases in basis for depreciation for periods since the acquisition of the property and increases in basis for capitalized improvements or additions.

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The UDFI rules are important to remember when selling a debt-financed asset within your Self-Directed IRA LLC.

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