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Self-Directed IRA LLC Fee Setup at IRA Financial

Self-Directed IRA LLC fee
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We often receive questions about our Self-Directed IRA LLC fee. One of the common questions we receive from prospective clients is whether they must pay the entire fee for the Self-Directed IRA LLC upfront in order for the retirement plan to be established. If you are a prospective client, you do not need to pay the entire Self-Directed IRA LLC fee upfront.

At IRA Financial, we take only a small deposit to cover State LLC filing fees and disbursements so that we can immediately get started on the completion of the IRA rollover or transfer paperwork. Our one time low fee is paid at the end of your process once your IRA funds are transferred to your LLC checking account.

IRA Financial Self-Directed IRA LLC Services:

If you become an annual client, you will pay our low annual compliance fee and receive the following services:

  • Consulting services regarding your Self-Directed IRA Structure for 12 months from date of invoice.
  • Free tax support for SD IRA from in-house tax attorneys.
  • Free help with Disqualified Person and Prohibited Transaction Rules from in-house tax attorneys.
  • Free tax consultation on the UBTI and UDFI rules from in-house tax attorneys.
  • Free access to our best-selling SD IRA books.
  • Free access to our exclusive webinars, pod casts, newsletters, Forbes articles, etc.

For more information about the Self-Directed IRA LLC, please visit our service page.

Instructions on How to Get Started

You can get started with IRA Financial’s self-directed retirement plan by phone, email, regular mail or with the new IRA Financial app. With the IRA Financial app, you can establish your account, rollover assets, perform basic maintenance on the account and make investments all in the palm of your hand! Get started by downloading the app for free in the App Store or Google Play.

Why Choose the Self-Directed IRA LLC with IRA Financial

Most banks and traditional financial institutions that offer the Self-Directed IRA often limit their clients to the financial products they sell. Examples of their products include bank CDs, mutual funds and stocks. Retirement investors who want to invest in real estate, tax liens or precious metals generally cannot do so with a Self-Directed IRA established at traditional financial institutions. 

IRA Financial is a non-fiduciary, meaning we do not offer investment advice and we do not sell financial products. We work with a passive custodian that will administer your plan and as a result, you will have the freedom to make the investments you know and understand, such as real estate investing

Get in Touch: To learn more about the Self-Directed IRA and our services, contact us directly at 800-472-0646 or fill out a contact form to speak with a specialist. We’re happy to help. 

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