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Why Choose a Solo 401(k) vs. SIMPLE IRA?

Solo 401(k) vs. SIMPLE IRA

A SIMPLE IRA plan is similar to a Solo 401(k) plan in that it is funded by employee deferrals and additional employer contributions. However, unlike a Solo 401(k) Plan, a SIMPLE IRA plan uses an IRA-type trust to hold contributions for each employee, rather than a single plan trust that is typical of a traditional […]

Solo 401k Provider – How to Choose the Best

Solo 401(k) provider

A Solo 401(k) Provider should be researched diligently. Not all providers are the same. Learn helpful tips on choosing the best Solo 401(k) provider to make non-traditional investments.

Self-Directed SEP IRA

How to make SEP IRA a self-directed IRA

A Self-Directed SEP IRA allows small business owners and the self-employed to make investments in both traditional investments as well as non-traditional investments.

Solo 401(k) vs. SEP IRA: Which is Better?

Solo 401k vs. SEP IRA

The Solo 401(k) vs. SEP IRA is important to know for small business owners and the self-employed. There are more benefits with the Solo 401(k) Plan, like higher contributions and a tax-free loan.

ROBS Exit Strategy

Exit the ROBS structure

When you need to exit the ROBS structure after selling your business, you need to follow all IRS rules and regulations when terminating the plan.