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4 Reasons You Need To Use IRA Financial To Set Up Your Self-Directed IRA

Reasons to set up an IRA

Why do you need to use IRA Financial to set up your Self-Directed IRA? While there are many reasons, here are the top five.

Key Points
  • Keep your hands on your money
  • Look out for your own future
  • Protecting your future becomes your priority

Why IRA Financial?

1. Expertise

Adam Bergman and IRA Financial literally wrote the book about Self-Directed Retirement Account, especially the Self-Directed IRA. IRA Financial Group was founded by Adam Bergman, a former tax and ERISA attorney who worked at some of the largest law firms in the world. His mission was to establish a company that would help retirement account holders take advantage of the freedom that comes with self-directed plans.

2. Ease

Our app makes IRA Investing so easy. Using the latest technology, IRA Financial makes investing easier than ever. The app is simple to use, intuitive, and fully supported. Without question, IRA Financial wants your business, and makes it easy to sign up, get situated, and start investing in what you already know and want to become involved with. It couldn’t be easier to start trading, investing, and taking charge of your future today.

3. Answers

With the best crypto solution around, self-directing your retirement is easier than ever. More than just that, we offer the ease of Checkbook Control so you can make all your own decisions.

Discover the advantages of establishing a Self-Directed IRA LLC with checkbook control.

  • Invest in what you know and understand tax-free, such as real estate, tax liens, hard money loans, private businesses, cryptocurrencies, and much more
  • Take control of your IRA assets and make investments from a local bank account
  • Making an investment is as easy as writing a check or executing a wire transfer
  • Save on custodian fees – no transaction or annual account balance fees
  • Invest with limited liability protection
  • Gain asset & creditor protection

4. Support

Industry leading customer support makes IRA Financial the best way to get the answers, information, and support you need when you decided to self-direct. From opening your account to transferring your money, from filling out all the forms to submitting tax documentation when due, we are here for you through it all.

There is no comparison – our specialists are there to help you every step of the way in the process.

Why Do You Need To Use IRA Financial To Set Up Your Self-Directed IRA?

IRA Financial is at the leading edge of technology, support, and cost when it comes to setting up your Self-Directed IRA. Using us is your best option, to get everything you need, right in one place, with your best interests at heart. You can call us today or chat with us through the window.


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