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Open a Self-Directed IRA Risk-Free in 2022

Open a Self-Directed IRA Risk-Free in 2022

The equity markets have been super volatile in 2022.  With major stock market indexes down nearly 20% for the first half of 2022, many retirement investors have been looking to better diversify their retirement assets and seek protection against a rocky stock market. 

As a result, IRA Financial is proud to offer the only Self-Directed IRA solution that offers a risk-free account opening process.  Open a Self-Directed IRA using our app and don’t pay until you fund the account. 

You can now set up your IRA for free and then only pay our flat annual custodian fee of $360 once you fund the plan.  This will allow you to set up the account for no cost and have it ready for when your alternative asset investment presents itself.

Key Points
  • Open a no-obligation IRA Financial account risk-free on our app
  • You don’t pay us anything until you fund the account
  • Learn why self-directing your retirement is the only way to go in 2022

With your Self-Directed IRA account already open, you can then do a tax-free transfer or rollover to fund your account and then immediately make your investment with little delay.  We don’t believe in charging clients for a Self-Directed IRA if they won’t be using it.  This is why we are so proud of our risk-free account on-boarding solution.

What is a Self-Directed IRA?

A Self-Directed IRA is not an official IRS term you will find anywhere in the Internal Revenue Code. It is basically an IRA account which is permitted to be invested in alternative assets, such as real estate, cryptocurrencies, metals and so much more.  Accordingly, a Self-Directed IRA follows the same rules as a traditional or Roth IRA respectively from a contribution and distribution standpoint, but it allows the IRA owner to be invested in IRS-approved alternative assets.

Banks and traditional financial institutions have the option to allow their clients to invest their IRA funds in alternative assets, but for economic reasons they have elected to not do so. As a result, the self-directed retirement industry has flourished for the last thirty plus years.

Why Open a Self-Directed IRA?

There are numerous reasons why millions of retirement investors have turned to the Self-Directed IRA as a solution to help build their retirement wealth.  The following are the main advantages of using a one to save for retirement:


Whether it is through retirement investments or personal savings, many of us have a high percentage of savings connected in some way to the equity markets. In fact, over 90% of retirement assets are invested in the financial markets.

Investing in alternative assets, such as real estate, offers a degree  of investment diversification from the equity markets. The controlling financial belief is that the more diversified your portfolio is, the greater chance that your assets will offer lower correlation, meaning they are less likely to move in the same direction. The use of alternative asset investments is believed to help better protect your retirement savings when the market is down and help shield you from losing more than the market.

Invest in Something You Understand

Over the last years, and especially in 2022, many retirement investors have become frustrated with the unpredictability of the stock market. A number of IRA owners are irritated from the stress of watching their IRA values swing wildly based on some unknown economic factors.

Real estate, for comparison, is easier to understand. Real estate has become a mainstream asset category and one of the most trusted asset classes for Americans. It is, of course, not without risk, but many retirement investors feel more comfortable and relaxed investing in the real estate market, which is seen as more stable and predictable than Wall Street.

You might feel the same way about different assets, like precious metals or private businesses.

Hard Asset

Many alternative assets are tangible, hard assets that you can see and touch. With real estate, for example, you can drive by the house and see it anytime you feel nervous about your IRA value. Whereas, with stocks or cryptos, that is not possible.

The thinking for many IRA owners is that during a financial crisis or even a recession, the peace of mind from a hard asset is better than a piece of paper.

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Opening a Self-Directed IRA has never been easier and less risky.  IRA Financial allows you to open an account in minutes using our app risk-free.  Don’t pay until your account is funded.  That means that if your investment never materializes, you don’t pay anything! Having an account ready can help you move fast to lock-in an investment.

Again, there is no obligation after opening your IRA Financial account. You only pay once you fund the plan. The choice is yours!


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